Open positions

1) Senior PHP/Symfony Developer - Remote position

Armour Agent are looking for a Symfony developer to integrate into our team. The platform is based on the most recent version of Symfony and will grow heavily in the next months. So we are looking for a trustworthy collaboration, a full time resource who can face all challenges we may face. You will be part of a team of developers; you will be autonomous in resolving tasks, as well as work in team when needed. You will organise your job together with our CTO, Emanuele Gaspari, an experienced Symfony developer.

Duties and Responsibilities
• work with technology directors to establish solid, scalable and reliable software
• design, Code and Unit Test PHP code within and outside of Drupal environment
• ensuring development process is followed
• ensuring Quality in source code and final product
• creation of technical documentation

Mandatory skills and experience:
• good knowledge of PHP (5+ years or comparable)
• deep OOP knowledge
• strong Symfony experience (3+ years or comparable): all solutions you will find must be compliant with Symfony "style", as to say Symfony Best Practices or practices agreed with CTO
• solid understanding of Data schemas and integrity
• MVC knowledge
• MySQL Databases, especially Doctrine
• basic repository knowledge and GIT operations, plus: rebase, git flow
• minimum English fluency, written and spoken

Soft skills and competencies
• perform in a fast-paced environment and have the ability to self-direct if necessary
• passion for technology
• API development knowledge or experience
• html, css, javascript (at least basic jQuery)
• JSON format

Apply only if
• you respect your work and colleagues: you will be given autonomy and trust, in change we expect you to be honest and transparent
• you are trustworthy regarding your dedication and availability: if you tell us you are available on a given day, it must be so

What we offer
• external contract, oriented to a long and stable collaboration
• opportunity to work on a interesting project to work on: Symfony, absence of legacy code, best practices, agile development, tests, ...
• a long-term collaboration: the platform will grow very much in the next months, and we have so much to do; we are looking for a stable collaboration
• open environment: we will be glad to discuss with you your proposed solutions, suggestions and improvements
• code quality, assured by pull requests, regular code reviews and confrontations
• remote position, desirable in European timezone

• remuneration depends heavily on experience, we will be happy to hear you proposal
• regular and immediate payments are guaranteed

Get in touch at [email protected]